Representing change and innovation is at the core of our corporate social responsibility strategy. Law is inextricably the most potent instrument of change in the society and it is for this reason that we strive to make meaningful contribution to the justice sector reform through notable pro bono initiatives.

Our efforts towards contributing positively to the society over the years are reflected in our achievements, including:

• The now widely acclaimed NCMG International (formerly Negotiation & Conflict Management Group) which was established in 1996 from our offices. With the relentless support and commitment to its noble cause, we remain proud of the contribution of the organization to ADR promotion, justice sector reform and world peace;

• Aina Blankson became the first and only Law Firm to grace the walls of the High Court of Lagos State, Nigeria. This was as a result of our dogged advocacy, commitment and financial support which led to the birth of The Lagos Multi Door Court House, the first  court connected ADR centre in Africa. We also received the “Corporate Peace Builder Award” in recognition of our contribution to meaningful reform and change;

• The Firm also worked with NCMG International in introducing ADR into the appellate courts in Nigeria. With our collaborative push, lobby and commitment, the Court of Appeal Rules was amended to accommodate ADR and the introduction of the Court of Appeal Mediation Program;

• Most recently, our citizen advocacy focus was a central part of the initiative that resulted in the establishment of the University of Lagos – NCMG College of Negotiation (“CON”). Modelled after the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the promise of the CON to transactional practice, quality of bilateral negotiations and economic development in  Africa is immeasurable;

• In collaboration with the International Mediation Institute and NCMG International, the Firm continues to push the boundaries of ADR by partnering on the organization of a truly unique Global Pound Conference Series to take place in over 40 cities across the world   in an effort to redefine  the practice of ADR;

Yet again another recent milestone reached is the collaboration between the Firm and NCMG International in introducing ADR at the Supreme Courts in Nigeria which will birth new reforms to accommodate the philosophy of ADR and its introduction in the rules of law.