Aina Blankson Opens Islamic Finance Desk

As Islamic Finance becomes the most sought after alternative to conventional banking and financing structures globally, Aina Blankson, LP is pleased to announce the opening of its Islamic Finance Desk, providing its clients skilled and experienced legal and financial expertise for Islamic Finance transactions.

The Islamic Finance industry is growing globally at an estimated rate of 10-12% annually with Sharia-compliant financial assets valued at around US$2 trillion covering bank and non-bank financial institutions, capital markets, money markets and insurance. Islamic Financing is equity-based financing which means that the investment is tied to tangible assets as opposed to speculative instruments. Returns are directly linked to risks with participating parties sharing both profit and loss jointly. Islamic finance products or terms are available to Muslims as well as non-Muslims and vary in duration.

Based on a core principle of non-interest finance, Islamic Finance promotes fairness and integrity, bridges the gap in financial inclusion and presents an enticingly attainable opportunity to close the financial dearth for infrastructure developments in Africa.